Today we are thrilled to announce ActionML will be the official partner of PredictionIO providing support to the community and customers. Formed by previous PredictionIO data scientists and product manager, the ActionML team has deep knowledge and experience with the PredictionIO platform and continue to be committers to the codebase. As the demand for Machine Learning continues to grow, we are excited to have ActionML team take the lead in supporting our growing community.


Through this partnership, ActionML will provide the following services:

Custom Development

The ActionML team provides support for data analysis, data prep, custom engine development, predictive modeling, and production deployment.

Proof of Concept

When you are just starting out, the ActionML team can help you set up an instance of PredictionIO on one of the cloud provides. You can get started instantly and expand as your business grows.

Enterprise Support

ActionML team provides all enterprise support for PredictionIO pre or post deployment. Get professional support for model updates, cluster setup, no-down-time deployment, performance tuning, or any other production issue.


ActionML team also provides training for your developers and data scientists to ensure the ongoing success of your project. Training covers topics in data science and/or PredictionIO infrastructure.

You can learn more about ActionML on their website or contact them directly at

By Simon Chan