E-commerce industry is hyper competitive. In order to stay ahead of the competition companies are investing in personalization technology to improve their shopping experience across every part of the e-commerce lifecycle. However, the ability to build up in-house competitive advantage is always limited by the “black box” nature of existing solutions.

Today, we release a wide range of open-source predictive Engine Templates for e-commerce businesses for FREE. The goal is to enable developers build smarter, more personal and multi-channel shopping experiences. These machine learning algorithms and templates all come with source code and can be downloaded from our Template Gallery.


With PredictionIO, you can personalize webpages, push notifications, e-mails or other customer touch points to increase user engagement and conversions. You get the power of PredictionIO’s back-end Machine Learning server combined with the intelligence and flexibility of our Engine Templates for presenting relevant and timely offers to your customers.

Below are some ideas how you can add Machine Intelligence to your own e-commerce site with PredictionIO:


Personalized Landing Page for E-mail Campaigns

Susan has received your marketing e-mail which contains a range of different products. She clicks on one necklace in the e-mail that catches her attention, which leads her to your website. Using the Similar Product engine and Complimentary Purchase engine, you can personalize the landing page with products both similar and complimentary to the necklace she likes.

Engine Template Suggestion: Similar Product, Complimentary Purchase

VIP Customer Detection

Jane comes to your e-shop as a new visitor. The Lead Scoring engine predicts that, unlike other visitors, Jane will potentially be a very high-value or “VIP” customer. You offer her instant live chat opportunity with the your best sales representative to increase the chances of conversion and customer satisfaction.

Engine Template Suggestion: Lead Scoring


Personalized “What’s New” for Returning Customers

Kevin has previously browsed some product pages and even bought a few t-shirts last month. This month you have a line of new t-shirts in stock. With the E-commerce Recommendation engine, you can send a personalized push message to Kevin and show him the 3 new t-shirts that you predict he will like and even purchase.

Engine Template Suggestion: E-commerce Recommendation

Smart Product Catalog

Simon is a regular customer for your grocery delivery service. Based upon his past orders and preferences, the Product Ranking engine automatically personalizes the ranking of the menu items for him. This is especially useful for the mobile user experience with limited single column menu layouts.

Engine Template Suggestion: Product Ranking


Shopping Cart Upsell Recommendation

Jerry is buying a dining table and two chairs for his new apartment on your site. Since he has added these products to his shopping basket, the Complimentary Purchase engine predicts that he will probably need some table placemats and centerpieces as well. You can show Jerry these product suggestion during the checkout process to increase the total order value.

Engine Template Suggestion: Complimentary Purchase

Jennifer is a frequent buyer of restaurant deals on your group buying site. A certain number of restaurant deals reach their availability limit everyday. Using the E-commerce Recommendation engine and its “whitelisting” feature, you can selectively offer personalized low stock alerts to Jennifer for deals that she probably likes but are running low in stock. This intelligent low stock alert leads to higher conversions for time sensitive customers such as Jennifer.

Engine Template Suggestion: E-commerce Recommendation


Abandonment Followup

Patrick has added a book to his shopping cart, he then left your site without making a purchase. With a Similar Product engine, you can predict what other books he may like if he’s interested in the book in his cart. You send him an email reminder about the book that remains in his cart along with some other book suggestions.

Engine Template Suggestion: Similar Product

Personalized Discount Offer

You have a new batch of discount coupons for the upcoming season: “Free Shipping”, “25% Off Sportwear”, “10% Off Shoes” and “$10 off if you spend $50” etc. With the Product Ranking engine, you can personalize the offer to each customer based on the predicted preferences for different coupons. You may also want to offer greater discounts to new visitors who are predicted to be less likely to buy anything on your site unless there is a discount.

Engine Template Suggestion: Product Ranking, Lead Scoring

It is up to your imagination what can be done with Prediction’s e-commerce Engine Templates. Explore our Template Gallery to learn more!

By Simon Chan