This past weekend the PredictionIO team visited Stanford University and Facebook’s campus in Menlo Park. Thanks to Professor Jay Borenstein, who teaches software engineering CS210, we assembled amongst 30+ other open source projects and 250+ students from over 25 different universities across the world to write some code and have some fun for Facebook Open Academy.


Open Academy

“Open Academy is a program designed to provide a practical, applied software engineering experience as part of a university student’s CS education. The program works closely with key faculty members at top CS universities to launch a course that matches students with active open source projects and mentors and allows them to receive academic credit for their contributions to the open source code base.”

Over the past weekend and the remaining academic semester a team of students from top engineering schools (MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University) have been working on a number of PredictionIO related projects including:

  • CPU/memory/disk space monitoring
  • Javascript SDK + demo app
  • Lifetime value prediction engine and algorithms
  • Trend detection engine and algorithms
  • iOS SDK + demo app
  • Java/Android SDK + demo app
  • Node.js SDK + demo app
  • Usability for developers

We feel very privileged to work with such enthusiastic and technically gifted students and we’re looking forward to sharing their contributions with the open source community.

Not only is Facebook Open Academy good for the open source projects involved, including Open Stack, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Wikimedia Foundation and many more, but it is great for education and brings open source to the CS curriculum.

For more information on Facebook Open Academy see this post from the Facebook Engineering team.

Open Source

We are strong believers in the power of open source. Machine Learning has empowered many modern websites and applications including popular social networks like Facebook. At PredictionIO we want to bridge the gap between machine learning and software engineering by providing an open source tool for building smarter predictive features in any application.

We wanted to say “thank you” to the students, the other projects, the Facebook team and Jay at Stanford for organising a great initiative. We look forward to an even bigger and better Open Academy next year!

By Thomas Stone